Powerful, Durable and Agile, Knee Rover® Jr. is the industry’s First Pediatric / Junior All Terrain Knee Walker / Scooter! This revolutionary new Crutch Alternative Knee Rover® Knee Walker is the industry standard for safe, effective, and economical outdoor mobility for individuals (4 feet to 5’9” tall) who cannot bear weight on their foot or ankle, yet want to remain active and mobile.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, the All Terrain Knee Rover® Knee Walker features three 10″ diameter air-filled tires and a 2.5″ padded knee platform that is left or right-leg compatible. You can now ride through grass, gravel and most terrain that normal small wheel knee walkers just can’t handle! No more boundaries!


:: Can Be Used On All Terrain Types
:: Folds Easily For Transport
:: Adjustable Knee Pad & Handle Height
:: Basket For Added Convenience
:: Manual & Parking Brakes


:: Max Weight 17 Stone / 114kg
:: Total Weight 11kg
:: Knee Pad Height 16″ to 19.5″
:: Handle Bar Height 32″ to 38″
:: 10″ Wheels